Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sunday Nail Battle: Animals

Hi naily girls (◕‿◕)

Like every Sunday, Andreia and Odile Sacoche give us the chance to join the Sunday Nail Battle. No stake here, no competition, it's only a matter of suggesting a theme, looking for some ideas, making a nail art, sharing your pictures and looking at other creations.

It's a really great opportunity to share and discover new techniques, ideas and above all... looking forward to the next Sunday (I know, crazy, right?)!

So this is my second time taking part in the SNB, the theme this week is "Animals". I must say that I wondered all week if I would draw one or several animals, zoo animals, farm animals, forest animals... whether use stamps or acrylic paint.

(Om nom nom)

In the end, I chose to go with acrylic paint. I'm not very skilled with a paintbrush, rather I'm not skilled at all. I've only used this technique once, so I knew it was risky. But hey, that's who I am!
Regarding the animal, I decided to pick a rabbit.
Why? Well, some friends of mine and I are part of a music band, and we are currently rehearsing 
"White Rabbit". I think that's the reason why... Oh and I love Carroll's novels!

What I used: 
The dots and the rabbit shape: White acrylic paint/ Dotting tool/ White polish by Yves Rocher/ Detail paintbrush 

The carrot: Orange acrylic paint/ Detail paintbrush/ Green polish by Essence limited edition "New ligue"/ Some regular black nail polish/ Dotting tool
The ears: Pink Yves rocher/ Detail paintbrush
The bow: China Glaze Coconut Kiss and dotting tool
The middle finger: White Striping tape
Base: Yes One! coral (promise, last time I bother you with this one, I've just finished it!)
Necklace: Mad Hatter by Summoning

I'll see you next week for the Halloween nail art!

Have a nice Sunday, take care!

Bisous, bisous! (✿◠‿◠)۶

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