Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY: Dexter for Halloween

Hi naily girls (◕‿◕)

Here I am, finally back from my holidays in the South West of France. Let me show you the Halloween special nail art! 

I'd been wondering for a while what I would show you girls. I thought about stamping, but clearly I wanted something different (especially because I've done black stamping on a pumpkin orange base for my mum on Halloween)...

I found a nice tutorial on a special effects make up website, of a ripped nail. I had spent a long time finding everything that I needed but on Halloween, it turned out that the result was nothing like what I had expected... So, I had to improvise! 

I apologise, I was only able to take this picture more than a week after I'd have done the nail art. So it's kind of ugly :(

Here is what I used:

How to proceed:

1°) Apply a base coat. I suggest a slighty white one in order to contrast the "blood". You could also choose a pinkish one. I try to avoid bright white ones as they look a lot like Tipp-Ex. Once you have the opacity you want, let it dry.
I chose to spread two layers of "020 Cotton Candy at Eiffel Tower" by Catrice. It's a little bit translucent, I like it!

2°) Get a straw. I've used one from a carton of juice and cut off the curved part. Apply some red polish on one of the ends.
I chose a red Burgundy-ish (HD 7 Rouge by Modelite) because the smallest splatters will be lighter than your original nail polish colour.

3°) Protect your table with some kitchen towel.
Then, you blow through the other end of the straw. Don't be too close to your nail or you'll make an ugly, huge spatter. Place the straw a dozen centimeters from your nail and aim right :)

You can do this twice if you need to (if the splatter is too small)
If you like it, let it dry!
Tip: If the splatter is too subtle, you can add drops with your dotting tool or a paintbrush.

4°) Clean your finger with some nail polish remover and a square of cellulose (or cotton). Do it before the polish is totally dry.

5°) Apply a drop of Top Coat (I chose the Seche Vite top coat by Seche).

Et voilààà :)

I hope you liked this Dexter tutorial. I really love TV shows, I watch plenty of them! What about you? Do you have any good TV shows that you'd recommend?

Take care and see you soon!

Bisous, bisous! (✿◠‿◠)۶

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